We live in a difficult world that is changing rapidly.  We have developed enormous technological power that can be used creatively or destructively.  Humankind is facing enormous problems such as over population, pollution of the environment, daily destruction of many species, conflicts which may erupt into conflagrations of tremendous magnitude—all these and more threaten our peace of mind and our very future on this planet.  All this is likely to have an impact on the way we feel and act, on how we relate to the world, our friends, families, the community and ourselves. 


I am passionately interested in ideas and how they affect individuals in society.  I am a secular Humanist and believe in it’s positive values of compassion and reason and the need to build a better society based on the recognition of human potential, with the aim of doing everything possible for the self realization of each individual within a society which should have as it’s goal the welfare of all its citizens.


In many parts of the world we are still bogged down in societies which carry on the patriarchy which has been oppressing women for millennia.  In many countries human rights are being violated and democracy does not really exist.


Many parts of the world are still dominated by religions which oppress women and do not allow them fundamental rights to bodily integrity and the possibility of self realization by banning their right to choose abortion and effective contraception.


In our own country, Canada, poverty is widespread and the treatment of the native population, although improved over previous decades, leaves a lot to be desired.  We have made progress in many ways but much remains to be done on the way to a just society.


Abortion has been made legal but access in some areas of the country is still insufficient.


We have freedom of religion and conscience enshrined in the Constitution but much remains to be done for a complete separation Church and State and the creation of a truly secular society, where the practice of religion becomes and stays a private matter for the individual.


We have laws that need to be changed, e.g. the decriminalization of marijuana, the absurd laws on prostitution, etc.


I intend to use my knowledge of medicine, psychology, law and human relations to put forward ideas and opinions, which, I hope, will be relevant to our lives as individuals and as active participants in the society we live in.  I would like to adopt the motto by Ralph Waldo Emmerson, ”Let us think as men of action and act as men of thought.”


Should my website stimulate people to meaningful action I would be happy indeed.